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GD: Hello, I’m G-Dragon

TY: Hello (in cantonese), I’m Taeyang (in mandarin, then cantonese after corrected by Seungri). “What is your name”? (in mandarin)

GD’s laughing and saying it’s not right and TY apologised. 

MC: So now if anyone has any questions just raise your hand and our staff will hand the microphone to you.

Q: Do you guys enjoy playing any mobile games? And among the Bigbang members, who is the expert? 

SR: I usually play games when we’re traveling. I love playing games, but compared to Taeyang, and if we’re battling, he’s more skilful so most of the time he wins. 

Q: So this time, is there any reason why Bigbang members are the chosen one to be the models for TOS? We are curious.

TY: For this one, we actually wanted to do it..

SR: The reason is because there are many people who like TOS and Bigbang, this game is really fun and the music is nice so we just decided to do it.

Q: Since Taeyang and Seungri play games regularly, which game is the best and is there any game that you want to recommend?

TY: Uhm, needless to say. it’s TOS…. Actually, we have a pretty tight schedule recently so we do hope that we will have some time to play this game.

Q: I heard that Taeyang and G-Dragon will be rushing back to Korea after this event, but Seungri will stay a little longer in Hong Kong, so my question is will Seungri spend some time to visit any of the Manga Exhibition since he likes games.

TY: Which exhibition? 

MC: The Asian Manga Exhibition.

TY: I really like Manga and I wanted to visit the exhibition.

MC: Seungri shi? Do you?

SR: If I have time, I think I will.

MC: “Gai Juk”.. (in cantonese means please continue)

TY: (misheard it with.) “Getcha”… “Getcha Crayon”…

"YG's GDragon is your name on my phone." - Seungri
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Go Go dancing with GRi


Go Go dancing with GRi

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learn your abc's with gd, k is for: kwon family.
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"Internet friendship is not real"

Reblog if this is a lie and you have made amazing friends on the internet.

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3 years old GD hides behind staff and grabs his hand to raise in HK airport[X]

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"You didn’t know who to kiss since there were lips coming at you from both sides, right?"

"You didn’t know who to kiss since there were lips coming at you from both sides, right?"

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T.O.P’s favorite color is pink

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When GD sees his own TOS character[X]

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Taeyang, impressed by Seungri’s Chinese, decided to enlist Language-Master Maknae’s help to introduce himself in Chinese as well (x)

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